Perhaps you have heard kitchens and bathrooms are important to the appeal of your home. Many times I see buyers walk away for a nice home in a great location due to a lack of updating of these areas. 

If you would like some information on what updating can do for your bathrooms, check out these links at Home Advisor which present the difference with before and after photos of updating the look of your several bathrooms.

Do Your Bathrooms Need Updating?

Return on Investment: Does It Matter?

When you are in the planning stage of remodeling your bathrooms, be sure to consider your expectations regarding your return-on-investment (ROI). When anticipating a maximum ROI, avoid over-improvement (spend no more than 5% of your home’s value on your bathroom remodel). According to remodel pros, most homeowners agree that mid-grade materials yield the highest returns.

It also makes sense to consider each neighborhood as it's own demographic when considering remodel materials and the expectations of buyers shopping in the area.